SafeLandUSA Frequently Asked Questions


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1What Operators are going to accept SLUSA Orientation?
Each supporting Operator will notify their contract workforce of the SLUSA and roll-out plans.

2Who will be required to participate in SLUSA Orientation?
All Safety Sensitive valued contract partners.

3When will this become mandatory?
January 1, 2010 for “Requiring” operators, with a six month grace period.

4How often will the SafeLandUSA Orientation be required?
Current Plans are for one-time, but subject to an update as agreed by SafeLandUSA Advisory Group.

5Can an in-house program be approved?
Yes. See the accreditation process on the website.

6Will there be a method of grandfathering?
Yes. Each Accrediting Organization will answer this.

7How does SLUSA orientation compare to SafeGulf?
A few modules are Land or Marine specific.

Dependent upon the training provider

9How do we manage site specific issues?
Each company must develop a site specific orientation SafeLandUSA Information should not be repeated

10Will ID Cards be required?
Yes, Photo ID cards with the SLUSA logo will be required.

11Will information be entered into a common database?
Yes. All data will be uploaded daily into a shared database.

12Is it a requirement that all contract services providers have the SLUSA orientation?
Refer to roll-out document.

13What roles do PEC Safety and ISNetworld play in SLUSA?
They both will house SafeLandUSA training records.

14What regions are covered by SafeLandUSA?
All US onshore exploration and production areas