Our mission is to monitor and continuously improve orientation standards for the US Land contractor community.


SafeLandUSA – Organization

There are 3 levels of organization that are integral to the success of SafeLandUSA. Described below is the organization, responsibilities, and relationships between the SafeLand Advisory Group, Accrediting Organizations, and Training Providers.


SafeLandUSA Advisory Group

The SafeLandUSA Advisory Group is a volunteer organization, comprised of voting and advising members of the Upstream Oil & Gas Industry. This organization acts as an oversight committee, and responsibilities include but are not limited to: Syllabus Development, Accreditation Review/Endorsement, SafeLandUSA Industry Expansion.

For more information on the SafeLandUSA Advisory Group, please e-mail: info@safelandusa.org.

Voting Members

Operator Bill Walker, Halcon
Operator Katie Rickle, Chevron
Operator Matsy Schou, Hess
Operator Jason Martin, Chesapeake Energy Corporation
Operator Barry Holman, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
Contractor Rep Jennifer Martin, QES
Contractor Rep Roger Lemke, CI Actuation



Accrediting Organizations

In order to provide a consistent orientation for the onshore oil and gas industry, SafeLandUSA has developed a method of accrediting safety orientation programs to ensure minimum requirements are satisfied. These organizations (Accrediting Organization) endorsed by the SLAG are responsible for ensuring that the Training Providers delivering their organizations training comply with the aforementioned requirements.

For more information on becoming a SafeLandUSA Accrediting Organization, please e-mail: info@safelandusa.org.


Training Providers

Training Provider work under the endorsement of an Accrediting Organization. Therefore, it is required that all training providers deliver an accredited orientation from an Accrediting Organization endorsed by SafeLandUSA.

Training Providers may include, but are not limited to the following:


Contractors (In-house Programs)  Service Companies  Third Party Training Organizations  Technical Schools  Safety Councils





This SafeLandUSA website contains the only approved information regarding SafeLandUSA. Any questions should be directed to the SafeLandUSA Advisory Group (info@safelandusa.org).
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