Monitoring & Improving Orientation Standards for the US Land Contractor Community

SafeLandUSA is a volunteer organization comprising major and independent operating companies, contractors, industry associations, and educators with the purpose of promoting a standardized safety orientation for workers in the US Onshore E&P Industry.


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SafeLandUSA Testimonials

Randy Golden


SafeLandUSA is all about quality and consistency--quality of instructors and consistency of the orientation provided to land rig workers. Through this organization, we can work together to address safety issues and help to ensure that our workers make it home after every hitch.



  • Orientation designed specifically for our US Onshore E&P Industry
  • Consistent EH&S orientation which is industry recognized and widely accepted
  • Orientation remains with employee throughout career
  • Quality assurance through an audit program and oversight committee
  • Eliminates redundancy of multiple orientations for single employee


Operators & Contractors Supporting SafeLandUSA

The Operators and Contractors listed below support the SafeLandUSA Orientation, with the goal of reducing the number of accidents in our industry’s journey to zero accidents.

Participating Operators & Contractors include, but are not limited to:

  • ExxonMobil
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  • client_9
  • client_6
  • client_5
  • client_3
  • client_7
  • client_10
  • client_4
  • client_4a
  • client_halcyon
  • client_archer
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  • logo-express



SafeLandUSA is a Proud Partner with OSHA and the National STEPS Network.